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chooks, hens or chickens?

Have our Plymouth Barred Rocks settled into their new home?



The two Plymouth Barred Rocks we bought a month ago have settled in surprisingly well. Even Helen, our resident “not very nice” chicken didn’t bother them, apart from the few raised hackles when the girls were confined to the coop. Maybe it helps that these girls are bigger than my Barnevelders.

We got these girls on a Saturday and kept them locked in a coop where the others could see them. On Monday I had to take a day off work to take King George to the vet where he was put down. That afternoon when I got home, I decided to let the new girls out for a few hours while I was there to supervise. Ever since they arrived at our place, they have been very friendly girls, even coming over to me whenever I opened the door of the coop and letting me touch them. I was pretty sure they were not going to run away.

I let the girls out and sat on the grass beside them to supervise. No supervision necessary. The girls all mingled together, a little bit apprehensive of each other but no fights. In fact they were so good, that when I went to work the next day, I let all of them out and they have been free ranging together ever since then.



And I can even tell them apart. Henley has a smaller comb and is not quite as big as Hillary.

I think I have been very lucky.

3 thoughts on “Have our Plymouth Barred Rocks settled into their new home?

  1. You HAVE been very lucky. But then, you seem to live in Chicken Utopia, the way they are drawn to you and your property. The earth must be full of chicken endorphins or something. 😉

    • I was just thinking today how lucky I have been with the girls over the last three years since I have had them. I am guessing the more chickens I get, the more chance that things may go wrong but at least now, I am more confident as a chicken mum if something does go wrong.

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