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King George is unwell



King George is unwell. I am not sure what is wrong. I know he has a sore foot but I don’t think that would be enough to cause his general malady. He spends a lot of his time drooping and falling asleep whilst standing, like this.

Jonathan Livingstone in the background doesn’t seem to care.


Somehow we need to try to get George into this cage for his visit to the vet tomorrow morning.



10 thoughts on “King George is unwell

  1. I’m so sorry. Sick chickens are so worrisome. Best of luck!!!

  2. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I hope the vet has some idea. And I hope it’s an easy fix so your king rooster can get back to doing what roosters do best.

    Our rooster is healthy and happy (raping away all day long, the sex fiend) but he’s loosing some feathers near his ears. We suspect mites. They’re pretty easy to treat but it’s daunting to think of treating him and his 5 hens (none of whom like to be touched and lead us on a merry chase any time we try to catch them) and all their bedding and… We’re working up to it.

  3. When we took Cleo to the vet, we found it worked best to wrap her in a towel. It seemed to calm her and kept us from getting clawed. I hear covering their eyes can help as well.

    • We were going to use a towel to try to catch him. We were going to wrap it around his wings so we could contain him but we didn’t end up needing to do that.
      The vet used a towel to help keep him still and us safe.

  4. That’s worrying. Hope you find our what’s wrong soon.

  5. Have you been able to catch him and bring to vet? When they’re standing/ not feeling well/ is usually quite easy to just grab them. I hope the vet is able to figure out what is happening with him..

    • Thank you for your comments and helpful advice. He walked into the cage calmly as though he knew we were trying to help him (and of course the treats helped). But yes, I think we definitely would have been able to manage catching him if he hadn’t walked in.

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