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Our defiant bantam, Aunt Dorrie


After finding Aunty Dorrie’s broody nest and her 18 eggs and after moving her and said eggs to a maternity coop where she would be clean and dry and her babies safe, she sat tightly on her eggs……

For two days! TWO DAYS!

After the two days she got off those eggs and paced up and down in her coop. She was very loud with her pacing! She squawked and complained and made it known that she was not happy being penned in.

I gave her one more chance. Perhaps after sitting on her beautiful eggs for one more night, she will remember that she has a job to do and she will stay sitting.

But the next morning, there she was at 6:00am standing in the run looking at me defiantly. I opened the egg hatch and looked in to see how her eggs were doing. I reached in and felt them and they were stone cold. So she hadn’t even been sitting on them overnight!

So I stomped grumpily around to the door of the coop, opened it and out she ran into the trees. Off you go then, you ungrateful little bantam. You will have to continue sitting on eggs out there in the wild and have your babies hatch and not survive.



Look at her the day after she ran out of the coop. Still looking defiant. But King George has his favourite girl back.

9 thoughts on “Our defiant bantam, Aunt Dorrie

  1. I’m so sorry! That is so frustrating. It happened to me too. 😦

  2. Bummer! She definitely knows what she wants and won’t be forced. I’m learning that most hens are that way. 😦 I’ll look forward to hearing about your new chicks, though.

  3. What? That darned chicken! You’re going to have to get a tether for her and stake her in one spot. What’s wrong with her? Does she like her babies being eaten by scary monsters in the bush?

    I have to say, it’s hard not to admire her determination. If only she could be reasoned with.

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