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Welcome to our home, Jonathan Livingstone



The “other rooster” has finally been given a name, so I guess in a way I must have decided to welcome him to our home.

His name is Jonathan Livingstone. He is named Jonathan Livingstone because that is a nicer name than Seagull. He reminds me of a seagull because he runs in like a seagull, grabs a piece of food and then runs off to eat it somewhere on his own so that no one can take it from him.

I think he was a very hungry rooster when he first started coming here and upmost on his mind was to get food but he was a little afraid of King George. So he would grab and run.

Now he is not so hungry and tends to be a little more relaxed around the food but King George will still decide sometimes that he doesn’t want Jonathan Livingstone eating with them and attempts to chase him away. So Jonathan Livingstone will grab and run once again but not quite so desperate and seagull-like.

So of course with two roosters, I now need more chickens for a better ratio. I am now planning which breeds.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to our home, Jonathan Livingstone

  1. What are you going to do with all those eggs? As big of a dilemma as choosing a breed.

    Hooray for JL, I’m glad he’s found a permanent home with plenty of healthy food and a plethora of treats. Long may he be spoiled.

    • My current girls don’t give me as many eggs as I would like.
      Hannah and Hilda are great layers. One every couple of days each. Helen lays about 1 a week or fortnight if I am lucky and I have never managed to find Dorrie’s eggs but I know they are somewhere.
      So a few more would be wonderful to feed all these people that live in my house.

  2. What a great name for such a handsome fellow! I love his black tipped feathers. Do you know his breed? I’m excited to hear about your plans for new girls as well! Are you going to start from eggs again?

    • I wish i could start from eggs but Aunt Dorrie hides her nest too well and i can never find her when she is broody which seems to be more often than not and Hannah didn’t go broody last year. I wonder if she is getting too old. But then she wasn’t laying much last year either and this year she is back laying well, so you never know. If she foes broody, I’ll definitely give her eggs.
      So i think my plans are to buy in pullets. That may change of course.

  3. He is absolutely gorgeous!!! And I love your names for the chooks. As for breeds, have you already got Barnevelders, brilliant chooks but I might be prejudiced. Say Hallo to mr Livingstone!

    • Yes, I LOVE my Barnies. They are my favourites. They are brilliant and yes, I think we are prejudiced. I am in the process of getting a few more but this time will be 2 Orpingtons and 2 more heavy breeds that I haven’t decided on yet. I have just sent an email off to Heritage Farms in Waitakere to see what point of lay girls she might have at the moment.

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