My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

King George the rooster has found his mojo



Along with the return of King George’s feathers, came his mojo. George is once again the proud king of his tiny little brood of hens.

King George is once again crowing in the morning and standing proud throughout the day.

King George doesn’t care that there is another rooster living here during the day. King George is the boss and the other rooster knows it.

King George is once again finding food for his girls. He even stole some of my chopped silver beet stalks while I had my back turned while taking the lid off the worm farm. He didn’t realise his girls don’t like chopped silver beet stalks but he continued to steal them until I took the chopping board away!

Welcome back King George.



7 thoughts on “King George the rooster has found his mojo

  1. Are both roosters having their way with the hens? Poor hens is all I can say.

    I’m so happy King George has his mojo back, Long Live the King!

    • George is but not during the day much. He dances around them a lot but doesn’t do his business very often. I have never seen “other one” (I guess I must find him a name) do anything with the girls and have only seen him dance around one of the girls once late int he evening when they were walking off down the hill to go to bed. (They both sleep “god knows where” in the bushes but not together I don’t think.

  2. Hey, and why no photo? He’s so pretty….

    • 🙂 I was out today trying to keep away from my very full house.
      But I have one from last week I might add.

      • I love King George’s thighs in that photo (thank you). He looks so muscular. Of course it’s just feathers but it makes him look very butch 🙂

        Do you think that sexy dance the roosters do ever works? My 5 girls all see that dance and skedaddle as quickly as they can – often behind another hen like, “pick her”. I’ve never seen one run over and throw herself at his feet. But that doesn’t stop him dancing just in case. Of course when Lenny’s serious he just jumps on, gabs the back of their neck and it’s all over in 5 seconds – less time than that stupid dance.

      • LOL. Agreed. Mine skedaddle as well but I did see Hilda give in quite quickly last night after a dance. She just squatted as if to say hurry up then and get it over with.
        I would have thought those manly thighs would have helped the wooing but it seems they don’t. I think his ugly big feet may cancel out the sexiness of his thighs!

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