My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Is this why George has lost his mojo?



Perhaps this is why George lost his mojo. Ever since this rooster somehow found his way to our place from one of the neighbouring farms, to spend all day and every day with us, George has not been himself.


Poor George. Maybe he is thinking he can’t compete with this newcomer when he is not looking and feeling his best!

Or maybe this newcomer’s arrival coincided with George’s moult.


9 thoughts on “Is this why George has lost his mojo?

  1. You are like a chicken magnet! Who else just has chickens arrive at their house and move in! I hope King George and this new intruder can work it out.

  2. Good Lord, another Rooster? What are you feeding those chickens that lures them from far and wide?

    I hope George is moulting to put on beautiful plumes to keep his ladies interested and not doing it because he can’t be bothered looking his best. No one likes a suitor to give up so easily. I’m pulling for George to keep his harem.

  3. Wow! Interesting theories. Are they fighting?

  4. This will be very interesting when George’s beautiful tail feathers grow back!

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