My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?


Welcome to our home, Jonathan Livingstone


The “other rooster” has finally been given a name, so I guess in a way I must have decided to welcome him to our home.

His name is Jonathan Livingstone. He is named Jonathan Livingstone because that is a nicer name than Seagull. He reminds me of a seagull because he runs in like a seagull, grabs a piece of food and then runs off to eat it somewhere on his own so that no one can take it from him.

I think he was a very hungry rooster when he first started coming here and upmost on his mind was to get food but he was a little afraid of King George. So he would grab and run.

Now he is not so hungry and tends to be a little more relaxed around the food but King George will still decide sometimes that he doesn’t want Jonathan Livingstone eating with them and attempts to chase him away. So Jonathan Livingstone will grab and run once again but not quite so desperate and seagull-like.

So of course with two roosters, I now need more chickens for a better ratio. I am now planning which breeds.


King George the rooster has found his mojo


Along with the return of King George’s feathers, came his mojo. George is once again the proud king of his tiny little brood of hens.

King George is once again crowing in the morning and standing proud throughout the day.

King George doesn’t care that there is another rooster living here during the day. King George is the boss and the other rooster knows it.

King George is once again finding food for his girls. He even stole some of my chopped silver beet stalks while I had my back turned while taking the lid off the worm farm. He didn’t realise his girls don’t like chopped silver beet stalks but he continued to steal them until I took the chopping board away!

Welcome back King George.



Is this why George has lost his mojo?


Perhaps this is why George lost his mojo. Ever since this rooster somehow found his way to our place from one of the neighbouring farms, to spend all day and every day with us, George has not been himself.


Poor George. Maybe he is thinking he can’t compete with this newcomer when he is not looking and feeling his best!

Or maybe this newcomer’s arrival coincided with George’s moult.