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chooks, hens or chickens?

King George has lost his mojo



King George was a very proud rooster standing tall with his chest pushed out and his tail feathers held high. He crowed each morning long before the sun came up, eager to start his day.

When he was finally let out of the coop each morning with the girls tagging along behind him, he would do his little morning dance and then spend his day watching and listening out for his girls, finding food for them and generally standing tall with enough crows throughout the day so that any roosters within hearing distance, knew he was boss. He loved life and he loved his girls.

Then something terrible happened. He started to lose his beautiful feathers! Beautiful rooster feathers lined the coop. Beautiful rooster feathers were all over the lawn. His beautiful neck and tail feathers were gone.


King George did not stand proud anymore. King George did not crow anymore. King George did not do his morning dance anymore. King George did not find food for his girls anymore. King George was sad. In fact he didn’t feel like a King anymore.

He was just plain old George who did not love life or his girls anymore. He was miserable and he was grumpy and all he wanted to do hide was hide in a bush and hope no one sees him.

King George had lost his mojo.


8 thoughts on “King George has lost his mojo

  1. Oh no! Is he molting? I hope he gets his feathers back soon so he can stop hiding and crow again!

  2. It’s gotta be a molt, right? Hopefully? Is it a little bit vain?

  3. Poor Lenny looked almost like a hen during his moult. I hated to see those gorgeous tail feathers go. Though I must admit he didn’t ever stop behaving rooster-ish.

    I hadn’t realised it wasn’t just his tail feathers that made him beautiful, he has a long mane as well. When that came in he looked like a Rasta with beads hanging from his dreadlocks. It was pretty cool. Now he’s beautiful again and we all have 10 months to enjoy his magnificent feathers until the next moult.

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