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chooks, hens or chickens?

The wild rabbit who thinks he is one of our chickens


We live in rural New Zealand and farmers here do not like rabbits.


But how can you resist this little guy. He thinks he is a chicken and what’s more, he thinks he is one of our pets.

He was born this spring and his mum lives somewhere in the bushes beside our house. So this little rabbit has decided he is part of our family.

He can usually be seen cruising with the chickens and eating their seed, their  scraps and their grass. (There is not much grass left on this side of the house as the harsh summer sun has burnt it all away. There is plenty left around the other sides of the house but this side is sheltered from the hawks.)

He doesn’t even run away when I go outside. He seems quite happy being one of the flock and the chickens seems to have accepted him.

Lucky little rabbit. But I suggest you don’t cross the road into the farmer’s paddock.


4 thoughts on “The wild rabbit who thinks he is one of our chickens

  1. We have a rabbit that hangs with our chickens too. Sometimes when we sit outside with the chickens it will come up to within 3 feet of us, just like we were not there!

  2. That is so sweet 🙂 You can tell I’m not a country girl can’t you? Lol XO

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