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How long will a mother hen sit on her infertile eggs before she gives up?


Aunty Dorrie has been sitting on her eggs now for 49 days. Now you may think that I am very cruel to leave her for that long on her nest but I can’t find the nest and she is too wily to be caught and locked up when she comes out to eat, drink and do her ablutions.

She is sitting in among very dense vegetation. I have followed her to her nest site many times but I always lose sight of her when she goes over  the fence and then squeezes her tiny body through the dense and prickly vegetation and then just like that, she is gone! I think she chose such a dense site just to make sure I didn’t find her like I did last time. 

I think this time she is only sitting on her eggs and not a nest that has been shared with the other girls. I could be wrong but I don’t think the Barnevelders would be able to get their little fat bodies over the fence and into the thick vegetation. When Aunty Dorrie sat last time for so long, the only egg that hatched was one of the Barnevelder’s and the single chick didn’t survive the nightly hedgehog visits while she continued to sit trying to hatch the rest of her obviously infertile eggs.

This time she could have hatched chicks and lost them again but somehow I think she is just sitting and sitting, and sitting some more, on her infertile eggs once again. I think she is just too tiny for our very huge rooster.

When I am home in the weekends, I see her come out once each day to feed and water and she is looking healthy and fit. Better than the rest of my girls who are all moulting and scruffy.


3 thoughts on “How long will a mother hen sit on her infertile eggs before she gives up?

  1. I would love to know the answer to this one. Our perpetually broody hen sat for 6 weeks last time (but successfully hatched 2) and has now been sitting for 3 weeks even though she has NO eggs beneath her! The difference between us is that my hen is in the coop in a proper nesting box so I know she is safe. But she is named Tweedle DUM for a reason!
    I hope that Aunty Dorrie gives up soon. She must be so skinny by now.
    Let me know if she breaks!

  2. 🙂 Love her name!
    For some reason Aunty Dorrie is still looking in great condition.

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