My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?


Aunty Dorrie is broody again

Aunty Dorrie is broody AGAIN and is sitting on her eggs somewhere “in the wild” AGAIN. We know the general direction where she is sitting but can’t find her or the nest. A repeat of last time and such a short time ago.

I have seen her running across the lawn towards the feed container.

I have patiently waited and watched from a distance, while she feeds, drinks, does her ablutions, dust bathes, drinks some more, and then feeds some more.

I have followed her with stealth, as she runs back across the lawn.

When she disappears down the steep hill I hurry so that I don’t lose sight of her, whilst at the same time trying not to let her see or hear me. This little bantam is so clever she will go in the opposite direction if she knows I am following her.

I have seen her disappear behind a Toetoe bush.

But I have not been able to see where she goes from there. I think she goes over the fence as there is a lot of thick vegetation but I just cannot find her.

I have leant so far over the fence and poked my head into the gaps as far as I can without falling into the bushes but to no avail.

And the worst part is that her eggs are due to hatch today or tomorrow and I am going away tomorrow for a week! Once AGAIN nature will have to take her course with Aunty Dorrie and her chicks.


Rain, rain go away. The chickens don’t like getting wet.


The rain started off gently but we didn’t like it. We sheltered under the fireplace because the wood was all used up on New Year’s Eve. George thinks if he squeezes close enough to the side of the house, he will stay dry. Silly George. But there is no room for him in here.


George realises he was getting wet. He should be ok under the table as long as he doesn’t leave his tail too far out.


Oh dear, the rain is getting heavy. Even the sparrows want to come in out of the rain.


The rain is coming in sideways. Time to get out of here. My feathers are getting wet.


Perhaps if we sit here and look pathetic enough she might let us in. Don’t hold you breath. I bet she wouldn’t like to be out here. Look at all the water on the concrete behind us. We could drown. Oh if only she would let us in.