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Apologies to my chicken, Aunty Dorrie


Dear Aunty Dorrie,

I am sorry that you were left in the farmer’s paddock across the road and saw all your friends (exceptKing George) get taken by the hawks.

I am sorry that King George came across the road to my place and left you on your own to fend for yourself against the hawks.
But I am so pleased that you survived and followed him over a few weeks later.

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to capture you and put you in a coop where you would be safe and that you ended up sitting on thirteen eggs out in the bushes.

I am sorry twelve of your eggs were infertile eggs.
But you did hatch one baby chick.

I am sorry that you sat and sat for another week trying to hatch your infertile eggs while you were trying to look after your one baby chick.
I didn’t know. I couldn’t find where you were.

I am sorry that one night when your chick was six days old, at 11:37pm something sneaked up and took the chick out from under you.
I heard your strangled cries of fear and your desperate flapping of wings as you tried to protect your baby.

I am glad I was able to find you and move you to the safety of a coop.
I am sorry that you were not happy and kept trying to get out but it was for your own good.

I am glad you decided to keep sitting on the six infertile eggs I put back under you.

I am glad I had a friend who had Orpington eggs in an incubator that are due to hatch in four days and I am glad she let me have three for you.

I just hope you stay sitting on the new eggs for four more days. You have been so determined to be a mum. I know you have now been sitting now for thirty five days, but just four more days.

17 thoughts on “Apologies to my chicken, Aunty Dorrie

  1. Oh my goodness! Auntie Dorrie has had quite a hard life! Best of luck to her and her soon to hatch chicks!

  2. Come on AD, you can do it. You’re fortunes are about to change!

  3. Oh poor thing , ihope she manages to hang in there for 4 more days !

  4. Oh my. Glad she is safe now. Hoping for cute chicky pics!

  5. Oh man, what a story! I sure hope she stays on those eggs and can have a happy ending.

  6. OK!! Your soap opera has had enough tragedy. It is time for a happy episode.

  7. Aunt Dorrie, you have to do it!!! What a harrowing story. Such a sweet hen.

  8. My cousin’s wife is called Dorrie… I keep imagining a wee Goth – dressed in black with purple lips and nails!

  9. What an amazing little hen! Such a lot to endure. But she has managed so far so I am betting on her. I hope to see pictures of her with her new chicks soon!

  10. Oh, I hope so, too. She should be rewarded for all her effort.

  11. I have been catching up on the drama of your chooks and it has been an exciting read. More than 4 days have passed since you posted this and I am dying to know if she hatched that clutch! Best wishes!

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