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chooks, hens or chickens?

My chickens have forced me to do an egg hunt!



Where on earth do I start to look for a nest of eggs? There are so many wonderful and safe hiding places for a chicken to lay her eggs. I am sure the nest is on this side of the house, somewhere in these bushes because this is where I saw George patiently waiting.

So Haitch and I entered the bush and started scouring the undergrowth for a nest of eggs. Surely the eggs would stand out against the dark floor of the bush. This shouldn’t take long.

We looked and looked and looked in the general direction I had seen Hannah coming from the day I thought George was protecting her whilst she laid. But there was no sign of a fresh nest.


But although I couldn’t find the new nest, I found an old nest hidden under the fern fronds. I had no idea that any of my girls had ever laid in the bush before. And here I was thinking they were such good chickens compared to other people’s! Clearly not.


When Haitch put these eggs in the bowl, one slipped out of his hand and cracked and oh dear. This is a very old nest. Smelly, smelly eggs. I am surprised that no critters had eaten these eggs, weasels, stoats, ferrets, possums even?

My girls are currently being locked up every day until mid afternoon when my wonderful neighbour comes up each day to let them out. We will do this for the rest of this week and see what happens in the weekend.

Hilda and Helen are both laying in the nesting boxes while being locked up but Hannah has not yet. She is either not laying at the moment (hmmmm) or she is holding onto her egg and then laying once she is let out. I might have to leave her in all day if she doesn’t give me any eggs over the next few days. She may be cleverer than I thought.


13 thoughts on “My chickens have forced me to do an egg hunt!

  1. Wow! This post makes me want to search around my yard too. I have been assuming that the girls always lay in the nest boxes, but some days there is only one or two eggs, so they could be laying elsewhere too!

  2. They lay in the strangest places sometimes don’t they? I fix them perfect nest boxes and they choose some dirty place under a bush or the stacked hay pile. Every now and again the ol’ golf balls in the nest bring them back to where their supposed to be… but not always.

  3. I do believe that Hannah is much cleverer than you think… at least according to her previous escapades… love that chook’s stories! πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the continued egg hunt! I can’t wait to hear where you finally find them!

  4. Wow! Well, at least you found one clutch! How can they be so sneaky?

  5. Off with their heads! πŸ™‚

  6. We have 11 hens precisely because half the time they don’t lay in the nesting boxes. I have discovered most of their hiding places by now, but the little stinkers have been going under the back deck lately, and it is only 12 inches off the ground so no hope of getting under there to retrieve them. The rains seem to have driven them back to the coop to lay for now, but we have five days of clearish weather coming up and I know they’ll be back to their sneaky ways then! Good luck finding the new nest.

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