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chooks, hens or chickens?

My chickens may be laying outside in the bushes – but where?



King George is a bit confused today. Things are not quite the way he is used to. He is waiting beside the coop door, so close to the coop in fact, that his tail feathers are squashed. What is he waiting for?


He is waiting for his girls to be let out of the naughty room. I have not had any eggs for ten days. Now I know all three of them wouldn’t stop laying on the same day. They must be laying in the bushes somewhere.

So yesterday I watched the girls closely and I think I know the general direction of where the nest might be. I saw King George standing with Hilda and Hannah in the bush, just waiting. That’s what they do when each other is laying so I knew she must be close. They think they can outsmart me!

So I waited and waited and finally saw her come running towards the others. The bush where she has her nest is quite dense and after a quick look yesterday, I was not able to see it. But husband Haitch is going to help me look this afternoon. There should be a mountain of eggs in this nest!

But there is a bit of a twist to this story. Why would they all suddenly decide to lay outside for the first time in over a year of happily laying in the nesting boxes. There are no mites in the boxes and they are quite happily sleeping there each night. But I have had no eggs whatsoever in the nesting boxes for ten days.

Then yesterday while I was waiting very patiently for Hannah to finish laying in the bush somewhere, Helen trotted into the hen house and laid in the nesting box! Why today? Has she been laying in there each day and her eggs are disappearing! And if she has been laying outside, why would she suddenly lay in the nesting box today?

So today, I have locked the lovely chickens in their coop where they will have no choice but to lay in their nice clean, dark, warm, safe nesting boxes.

Let’s see what happens.




14 thoughts on “My chickens may be laying outside in the bushes – but where?

  1. Smart move. I have a hen laying on 14 eggs underneath the front porch a long way from the nesting boxes in the coop. I know where she is now, but I’m suspecting that some of the others are doing the same thing somewhere else, since I’m only getting 1 -3 eggs a day out of 8 hens. I think mine are going to have to endure the naughty room too. I just wish we could find all the eggs…

  2. I just put a laying goose into a separate pen – fingers crossed for you and me!

  3. I once own a chook called Brittany and a rooster called roger i wonder who stole them haha

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  6. Omg! chooks with a PLAN!!!

  7. Just catching up on my blog reading, could the possum or scent of the possum have anything to do with it??

    • Hmmm. Very interesting thought. But the possum was the previous weekend and they laid in the nesting box until the following Wednesday.
      But it is almost too close to be a coincidence. I will refresh all of the shavings in that box today. Thanks for that hobacaitbe.

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