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chooks, hens or chickens?

King George the rooster has broken two of my rules


King George turned up at out place and made my chicken coop his home. We didn’t want a rooster.

But we decided to let him stay but with three rules.

Rule number 1 – He doesn’t crow in the early hours of the morning.
Well of course he has broken this rule! One morning my husband Haitch said to me “that rooster has got to go. He was crowing at 4:30”.
I said to him “if you want the rooster gone, you ring our neighbour / friend and you tell him to come and take his rooster away and kill his him. If he takes him back home across the road, King George will just keep coming back here”.

Rule number 2 – He is gentle with my girls.
King George is huge and I am scared he is going to squash my girls when he has his roostering way with them. I have never seen him doing anything with my girls so I was thinking that he is aware of his enormity and is therefore being a kind rooster and leaving my girls alone. After all, Hannah Hen, my bantam, only comes up to the top if his thigh!
I had some friends around last weekend and they know about chickens. They said that King George would definitely be having his roostering way, so to prove it, we broke one each of my girls eggs into a bowl.
Hilda Hen’s egg was fertile.
Helen Hen’s egg was fertile.
And yes, tiny, little Hannah Hen’s egg was also fertile.
And then a few days ago, I heard a ruckus and looked out to see Helen Hen looking indignant at King George and there was the tell tale sign, he had one of Helen’s feathers in his beak! So rule number 2 is on the verge of being broken.

Rule number 3 – He is not aggressive in ANY way
This is my most important rule. I have not seen any sign of aggression so far. He is very gentle and is learning not to run away from me when I go outside. He is learning that I have treats. He has even started coming over to me when he thinks I have food, but not too close of course.

So you see, King George has broken one rule and partially broken the second rule but he is still here. I know I said if he breaks any of those rules, he is out. But I’ve grown attached to King George the rooster and they are my rules, so I can choose to remove them on a whim.  (And then of course reinstate them, even without letting King George know.)
I hope he never breaks rule number 3, because there is no negotiation on this one.


9 thoughts on “King George the rooster has broken two of my rules

  1. Oh oh. 3 little hens and 1 big rooster. That ratio doesn’t bode well for the girls. I hope he’s not the amorous sort or they will be tired little chickens trying to satisfy their big daddy.

    Good luck with him, he’s a beauty and I’d love him to be a nice boy for all of you.

  2. Rule #3 is non-negotiable at our house as well. When Capt’ Cooke hit puberty and went after our daughter it was over for him. Pepper, our reigning roo, has always been friendly. We have two up-and-coming roos now. One is nice so far but one is already showing aggressive behavior to my husband and I. He will not get a chance to use that on the kids, his destiny is already set, just as soon as he gets to weight.
    No room for aggressive roos here.

    • Thanks for this. It makes me feel better about my rule. He has been with us about a month now and hasn’t shown any aggression but I guess it could be early days. I never turn my back on him but then I wouldn’t on any rooster,

  3. Lucky for him he’s such a pretty boy. But hey, there’s always soup! 😉

  4. You’ve already compromised 2 of your rules, the third shouldn’t be a problem. My Jack adds a lot to this experience, but he is a pain in the butt.

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