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King George the rooster has finally made our house his home


I have watched King George in the evenings when it is time for bed. King George is a visiting rooster who “lives” across the road. He spends all day with my girls, returning home to his one lonely bantam girl across the road, only once my girls have gone to bed.

I have watched him when my girls are putting themselves to bed. He stands beside them and watches as they peck and scratch and fill their tummies before they go to bed.  He then watches them as they make their way into the coop, taking one last drink of water before they walk up the ramp and into their house to bed.

Then King George stands for a while, looking unsure. He finally turns to walk away and start his journey back to where he “lives” and where he has his lonely bantam waiting for him. He, stops after a few steps and then turns to look back at the coop. He hesitates and then turns and continues his journey. He hesitates again, this time turning and walking back to the coop and looking through the door.

He then turns for the last time and this time walks around the corner of our house, walks across our front lawn, walks down the hill, goes under our fence, walks across the road, squeezes himself under the neighbours gate, walks across a paddock and disappears into the bushes.

This morning I went to let my girls out and who should be in the coop, patiently standing beside the door, waiting to be let out. Yes, King George. I do feel sorry for his poor little lonely  bantam sleeping across the road on her own.

15 thoughts on “King George the rooster has finally made our house his home

  1. Congratulations on your new rooster. I feel a little sorry for the hen that was left behind as well. Maybe you could work something out with your neighbor….or maybe King George will split his time and spend a few nights in each place.

  2. This looks like a case of “chicken-napping”, wonder what the penalty is.

  3. Do you suppose it is your hens or your purple treat box that is the real lure? Soon that little bantam might just be coming over to check it all out.

  4. Now he’s sleeping in your coop?? Cheeky! He’s a married man!!

  5. I wonder why the hen doesn’t follow him over?

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