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The visiting rooster, King George



King George visits every day from across the road where he lives on his farm. We are not sure if any of his flock are living there with him or whether the hawks have eaten them all.

Last weekend, King George visited my girls as usual, eating the treats I threw and generally being a welcome guest.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to go down to the bottom of the hill in front of our house to pay them a visit.  So with purple treat tin in hand, I made my way down the hill, ducking and weaving among the trees and trying not to slip over.

When I got to the bottom, there were the three girls happily scratching and pecking among the trees. King George was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was just hiding somewhere. He is still a bit wary of me but he is starting to learn that I am not a threat and I often come with treats.

So I sat for a while with the girls and the neighbour’s pet sheep talking quietly to us through the fence. It was so peaceful with the winter sun shining down on us. But no sign of King George.

A little while later, I decided to take my three month old grandbaby boy for a walk down the road to give his mum a wee break. As we were wandering along, we happened to catch sight of King George on his farm amongst the hedges. Then to my surprise, there was a little bantam hen that looked very similar to my Hannah Hen. Was it my Hannah Hen? But she disappeared behind the hedge before I could see her properly. I hope he hasn’t lured my girls across the road to his farm.

So we wandered further up the road towards our place and when we got to the bottom of the hill where my three girls had been scratching and pecking among the trees, there they were. All present and accounted for. They were making their way back up the hill as it was nearing their bedtime.

So King George is two timing his remaining flock (possibly of one), or maybe he is just visiting for the food treats. I did notice the other day that he has learnt to use my girl’s feeder. But then he does spend much of the day here. I wonder if his remaining flock miss him and will she / they end up following him over here?


5 thoughts on “The visiting rooster, King George

  1. He must be proud of himself keeping 2 families like that. Dirty Dog!


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