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A rooster has made himself at home at our place



I have some really good news. Harry Hen-boy has found a new home.

But I also have some not so good news. Look at the above photo. Can you see a rooster? That is not Harry Hen-boy. That is a rooster from the farm across the road (same farm that Hannah Hen came from). He was living across the road on the farm and when he lost his girls to the local hawk, he decided to come across the road and spend the day with my girls. He still goes back to his farm to sleep and we never hear him crow.

We don’t want a rooster. That’s why we let Harry and Howie Hen-boy go to new homes.

But my husband and I agreed that this massive rooster can stay as long as he abides by the following rules:
1) He doesn’t crow in the early hours of the morning
2) He is gentle with my girls
3) He is not aggressive in ANY way

If any of the above rules are broken, my farmer friend across the road will be getting a call to have his rooster turned into dinner.


10 thoughts on “A rooster has made himself at home at our place

  1. Hi he looks like a very handsome rooster:) do you know what breed he is?

    • Thanks Emily. No I don’t but I might put a photo up on my local poultry forum and see if anyone knows. I’ll also ask my farmer friend when I see him next. (The one whose farm he is from).

  2. He’s so beautiful, I hope his temperament matches his looks and he remains a regular visitor to your girls. After all, nothing lifts a girls mood like being courted 🙂

  3. My Jack has broken all of your rules many times.

  4. He is gorgeous. I hope he remains a gentleman.

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