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An update on Hannah-Hen’s chicks


I had a call tonight from the wonderful new owners of Hannah-Hen’s chicks. He had some good news and some bad news.

Image 1

He sent me some pictures of the chicks in their new home. Look at that wonderful garden. What a perfect haven for them.


Firstly the good news. Hazel (aka Becky) with the little curled toe went broody and her first chick from her clutch of eggs  she is sitting on, hatched today! I am so excited and happy for her. That is such wonderful news. What a lucky we bantam.

Secondly the bad news. Also today, a note was left at the door of the house where these lucky chickens live. The note was from the city council (yes these wonderful new owners live in Auckland City, New Zealand). The note said they had two days to get rid of the rooster.

Yes, I know and so do the wonderful new owners know, that they were defying the council rules having a rooster in their yard but they did check with all of their immediate  neighbours first and the neighbours were perfectly fine about a rooster living next door. There are other roosters in the neighbourhood in this part of Auckland city. I wonder if they got notes on their doors as well.

So if anyone knows of anyone in New Zealand who would like a partridge wyandotte bantam rooster named Harry, please let me know. He is a beautiful nature and a real gentleman with his girls.

And in case you were wondering about Howie, Harry’s brother, he went to a farm just after they went to live with their wonderful new owners.

6 thoughts on “An update on Hannah-Hen’s chicks

  1. I love rules and regulations, NOT. I am lucky that my town, Holliston, is a “right to farm” community. I can have chickens and roosters and not be hassled. Even though I didn’t intend to get a rooster, I did. And Jack adds so much to this adventure that we intend to keep him. BUT!! he is a major pain in the butt at times.

  2. I’m going to focus on the positives. You know me, I have a real soft spot for Hazel/Becky and I couldn’t be happier that she’s a mamma.

    What a bummer I don’t live in NZ. I’m moving to a farm on Monday and I’d adopt Harry. I guess I do understand the council with their rules about roosters – what I don’t understand is the 2 day time limit. 2 weeks would be hard enough. Good luck.

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