My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

My daffodils survived my chickens



Earlier this year as winter approached, I planted some daffodils in a pot. I put a fortress of sticks around to stop my chicks from getting into the pot and using it as a dirt bath.


The fortress worked. The chicks did not manage to get through the wall of sticks, even though I am sure they tried when I wasn’t looking.

Now I am not sure whether I should take the fortress down or not. I would hate it if the girls hopped into the pot and broke my beautiful daffodils.


9 thoughts on “My daffodils survived my chickens

  1. I am loosing the battle with the chickens and day lilies. I am going to have to do something. Your post gave me something to work with.

  2. Trying to protect our chickens is one thing…trying to protect our plants is another and unfortunately what works doesn’t always look so pretty. Maybe you could take some of the sticks out and leave the bamboo ones in… kind of tilting outward like they were part of the bouquet. 🙂

  3. They probably wouldn’t hop up and try to bathe in your pot (if they’re like my chooks) but they probably will keep biting at it as they pass just in case the daffodils suddenly become tasty treats. I find some of my decorative plants periodically get ripped up by inquisitive chickens (darn them anyway). But it’s so tempting to get rid of fencing and enjoy the beauty of decorative plants. It’s a crap shoot. Good luck.

    • Thanks. I was given a gerbera for my birthday a few months ago. I planted it out in a pot and the chooks ate it right down to the dirt. I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen them doing it. I was a bit worried they might get sick but I am guessing they know what is safe to eat and wha isn’t.

      • They know what tastes good. Luckily it seems things that are bad for them generally don’t taste good. Styrofoam, however, tastes great! Oh yeah, and those rubber bands, mmmmmm goooooood. Bronwyn, my biggest chook, has a penchant for newspaper. What can I say?

  4. Don’t take down the fortress! I’ve got mama birds nesting in my pots, and they don’t even bother to make a nest, they just use my hanging pots in the terrace……..good luck

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