My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?


A rooster has made himself at home at our place


I have some really good news. Harry Hen-boy has found a new home.

But I also have some not so good news. Look at the above photo. Can you see a rooster? That is not Harry Hen-boy. That is a rooster from the farm across the road (same farm that Hannah Hen came from). He was living across the road on the farm and when he lost his girls to the local hawk, he decided to come across the road and spend the day with my girls. He still goes back to his farm to sleep and we never hear him crow.

We don’t want a rooster. That’s why we let Harry and Howie Hen-boy go to new homes.

But my husband and I agreed that this massive rooster can stay as long as he abides by the following rules:
1) He doesn’t crow in the early hours of the morning
2) He is gentle with my girls
3) He is not aggressive in ANY way

If any of the above rules are broken, my farmer friend across the road will be getting a call to have his rooster turned into dinner.


An update on Hannah-Hen’s chicks

I had a call tonight from the wonderful new owners of Hannah-Hen’s chicks. He had some good news and some bad news.

Image 1

He sent me some pictures of the chicks in their new home. Look at that wonderful garden. What a perfect haven for them.


Firstly the good news. Hazel (aka Becky) with the little curled toe went broody and her first chick from her clutch of eggs  she is sitting on, hatched today! I am so excited and happy for her. That is such wonderful news. What a lucky we bantam.

Secondly the bad news. Also today, a note was left at the door of the house where these lucky chickens live. The note was from the city council (yes these wonderful new owners live in Auckland City, New Zealand). The note said they had two days to get rid of the rooster.

Yes, I know and so do the wonderful new owners know, that they were defying the council rules having a rooster in their yard but they did check with all of their immediate  neighbours first and the neighbours were perfectly fine about a rooster living next door. There are other roosters in the neighbourhood in this part of Auckland city. I wonder if they got notes on their doors as well.

So if anyone knows of anyone in New Zealand who would like a partridge wyandotte bantam rooster named Harry, please let me know. He is a beautiful nature and a real gentleman with his girls.

And in case you were wondering about Howie, Harry’s brother, he went to a farm just after they went to live with their wonderful new owners.


My daffodils survived my chickens


Earlier this year as winter approached, I planted some daffodils in a pot. I put a fortress of sticks around to stop my chicks from getting into the pot and using it as a dirt bath.


The fortress worked. The chicks did not manage to get through the wall of sticks, even though I am sure they tried when I wasn’t looking.

Now I am not sure whether I should take the fortress down or not. I would hate it if the girls hopped into the pot and broke my beautiful daffodils.


My chickens love Al Brown’s best ugly bagels

Best Ugly Bagels  has opened in Auckland causing a bit of a stir as they are meant to be rather good. But of course, how would I know. They are not gluten free so I can’t have one.

But my friend at work knows. She says they are wonderful. But maybe they are not so wonderful after all. She let one go stale in her desk drawer. So on Friday she gave it to me to give to my chooks.


Did my chooks like Al Brown’s best ugly bagels?


Hannah Hen loved them.


Maybe I should have cut them up a bit smaller. I expected her to peck at them like the other chooks but no, not Hannah Hen. She gulped them down in one big beakful. 


She didn’t stop until they were all gone.