My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

I hope my chickens don’t forget who I am


In New Zealand it is the middle of winter. We have just moved past the shortest day and so it can only get better from here.

I don’t really mind the winter. I get to wear nice warm coats and I get to have the fire going and I get to eat fresh kiwifruit, crispy apples and seedless mandarins and winter is actually a welcome retreat from the long tedious drought that gripped our country during the summer this year.

But what I don’t like about winter is that I don’t get to see my chickens for days and days on end. I am worried that they will forget who I am. I open their coop door long before daylight and I close their coop door long after the sun has set. They have food left for them but they have no human contact for six days out of seven.

They get up just as the sun is rising and usually make their way to the front of the house and down the bank into the garden where they probably spend a large portion of their day but I don’t really know as I am not here. Then they make their way back to the coop at sunset from wherever they are and they have no idea that I am work trying hard to finish work early so I can get home before they go to bed but this never happens during the winter.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I am going to be home all day! I am very excited and I am hoping my girls realise it is Sunday and that I will be around to talk to them and throw them treats throughout the day. But I guess they won’t really know that tomorrow is Sunday but I am hoping they will get a wonderful surprise when they see me looking out at them.


5 thoughts on “I hope my chickens don’t forget who I am

  1. I always miss the chickens in the winter. I usually bribe them with lots of tasty treats so they don’t forget how much I love ’em – scratch and dried worms and scraps from the table. They’ll come right back around when springtime hits, even if they do get a little standoffish!

  2. Our cats get all standoffish if we’ve been away a while. It amuses me to know that chooks do too. 🙂

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