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My 6 month old partridge wyandotte chicken has gone broody


Well, the six month old partridge wyandotte chicken isn’t exactly mine anymore but I did hatch her and raise her so I am guessing I can still call her “mine” when it suits me of course.

I had a call from her new chicken dad yesterday and he said she was sitting on a clutch of eggs in the bushes and that she was quite protective if they went near her.  She is only six months old! I was amazed that she had gone broody so young.

He is going to shift her and her eggs into the hen house as it is winter here in New Zealand at the moment and she will need protection from the rain and wind while she is hatching her eggs. The rooster, Harry Hen-boy may be too young to fertilise eggs so they are going to candle them in a few weeks time. I am not sure at what age roosters are fertile but he is also six months.

They are all doing well at their new home and all of the three girls are laying regularly. But there is only one boy left. (But at least there is one.)



6 thoughts on “My 6 month old partridge wyandotte chicken has gone broody

  1. so cute! a little mama already!

  2. If our surprise egg situation is any
    indication I’d say a rooster is fertile by 16-20 weeks. But I’m not sure on that. It is either that or a hen can lay two fertile eggs 16 days after being with a rooster. Because one of those two situations just happened to us and the second option seems less likely to me.

  3. Where have the boys gone? Do I want to know?
    Rooster Stew?

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