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I have forgiven Helen Hen



I have forgiven Helen Hen.

I forgive her for trying to put herself at the top of the pecking order by “attacking” Hannah Hen each time she came out for her broody breaks.
I forgive her for coming inside my house and leaving a dropping on my carpet.
I forgive her for not looking out for her sister when her sister was being chased away from the treats by the others.
I have even forgiven her for being so mean to my chicks.

I feel sorry for her.
She hasn’t laid an egg for three months.
Her feathers lack lustre.
Her comb is dull.
But her tail feathers are starting to come back.

Maybe she will come out of her moult soon.
Maybe her comb will grow nice and big and red again soon.
Maybe her feathers will become glossy again soon.
Maybe she will lay me another egg soon.

Helen Hen is on the right in the photo.
You can see her pathetic looking comb.
Hilda Hen is on the left. She started laying again a few weeks ago. Her comb is large and red.
Hannah Hen is in the middle. She never stops laying, unless she is broody of course.

8 thoughts on “I have forgiven Helen Hen

  1. Yes, be nice to her. She may not be perfectly well behaved but she’s moulting and so she deserves a bit of TLC. I hope she bounces back quickly.

  2. Poor Helen! Is it normal for them not to lay for 3 months?

    • It can be but it is quite a long moult. Particularly when she doesn’t really look as thought she has lost many feathers. But I notice tonight that she has put on a bit of weight so that is a good sign. She may not lay until spring but that’s ok.

  3. Us ugly, scruffy chooks deserve great sympathy!

    • LOL!!!!
      She seems to have put on weight this last week, so she is ugly, scruffy and starting to get fat!
      Joking of course. She is beautiful, as all we scruffy ones are.

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