My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Autumn is here and so is the wind and rain. A new experience for my chicks.


My three older chickens have been through a winter (Hannah has been through several) so they know what the wind and rain are all about. We live at the top of a hill and we are classified by the council as being in the highest wind zone (we know this because when we built our house we had to include big steel beams to keep the house standing in the wind). The chicks (now five months old) are not used to this new sensation of high winds and blasting rain.

The weather today could be described as squally. We have just had some very heavy rain and with the strong wind gusts, the rain was hitting the windows sideways and sounding like hail. But there was no hail, just big rain drops hitting at high speed. I looked out the window and wondered where the chickens were. And then I saw them. They had been down in the garden on the west side of the property (where the big winds come from) and they were running as though there life depended on it, towards the house and the the outdoor table where they all huddled together.

A minute later, the rain stopped and out the chickens came looking wet and bedraggled and miserable. They fluffed themselves up and then trotted back down to the garden. I wonder how long it will be before they have to come back up. I guess they don’t realise that if they scratched in the garden on the east side of the house, they wouldn’t get so blown around.


This is Hannah trying to shelter from the wind a few days ago. You can see her feathers being blown around so she was obviously not doing a very good job at sheltering.


6 thoughts on “Autumn is here and so is the wind and rain. A new experience for my chicks.

  1. Our chickens have also learned that the house offers the best protection in inclement weather. Sometimes I take pity on them if the rain is bad all day and I go down and feed them under the house so they don’t have to go out in the wind and rain to eat. That said, I do love looking at a poor little sodden chicken, something very funny about the way they shake and then try their best to ignore their state and get on with the business of eating.

    • 🙂 Sometimes when my chooks are trying to shelter and I want to feed them, unfortunately I have to take them back out into the wind to feed them as we don’t really have any sheltered spots.
      I’m thinking that maybe I will give them treats on the concrete by the house on days like this.
      But yes,they are funny when they are being buffeted by the wind and they carry on eating regardless, especially greedy Hilda.

  2. I built my chicken coop in the middle stall of 3 old horse stalls. One I use to keep their food in trash cans and the other they use for shelter when it rains. It really works out well. The stalls all face the south, so when we get those northerly blasts, they can find protection.

    Do you get snow there where you are?

  3. poor babies! good thing they have all those warm feathers! we get a lot of rain, most of the year, but I guess we are lucky that we don’t get much wind in our backyard, it is so sheltered by our high bushes.

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