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My roosters had a reprieve


A few weekends ago, New Zealand turned the clocks back and that was the end of our daylight savings. Prior to daylight savings, my roosters were crowing at 5:50am. Now the clocks have been turned back, my roosters are crowing at 4:50am. So my husband said “those roosters have to go”!

Last weekend I promised to advertise them on the New Zealand Poultry Central forum website.

But the roosters got a reprieve. One of the two babies due to be born into our family, came into the world. Suddenly the roosters didn’t seem so important (until 4:50am each morning).

But being busy helping to deliver a baby and supporting the new mum in her early days of motherhood is no longer able to be used as an excuse to keep my roosters. So they had a reprieve for one week. Now unfortunately their time has run out.

This is the advertisement I put onto Poultry Central. Wish me luck.

Free to a good home – 2 x pair of partridge wyandotte bantams
With the end of daylight savings, our beautiful but noisy roosters start crowing at 5am and because the coop is outside our bedroom, my husband tells me it is now time to “get rid” of our rooster boys.
I knew this day would come ever since my boys were hatched on November 30th. My plan has always been to try to sell a boy and a girl together so the roosters will have a chance at life. That will leave me one girl from by hatch.

So I thought I would see if anyone on the Poultry Forum would like a pair for free (or of course all 4) because I thought if they went to someone on the forum, they would obviously go to a good home where they would be loved.

If no one wants them on the forum, I will try to sell them on TM (but not for free of course as they may all end up being a free meal).

If that doesn’t work, the boys will go to my brother’s farm where they may or may not end up being sold for curry (thank goodness they are bantams) and I will then keep the 3 girls till they start laying and then sell 1 or 2,

So that is the plan. I am sad as these are my first ever hatch but this was part of the plan all along, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

There are lots of pictures of my boys and girls on my blog. The link is in my signature footer. The girls are in the picture header on my blog.

I really don’t want to hit the submit button on this post.……… :cry:

12 thoughts on “My roosters had a reprieve

  1. Oh, so sorry they have to go. Even if it was always the plan. That is the downside to having babies I guess. I hope they can find a good home. PTti

  2. I sure hope they go quickly (and quietly 🙂 ) to a really good home.

  3. Poor you! I,wish we could take them – if only to give the cats something else to chase than the HUGE spider Poppy chased and then murdered – under our bed… at 2am… !
    Good luck with the choks.
    And CONGRATULATIONS on the Grandbaby!!! 🙂 XO

  4. Very sad! it was hard to part with our cockerels when the time came as well. But the relief we got from not being bitten, and not having our pullets picked on was well worth it.

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