My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Two broods become one


Since Mama Hen abandoned her chicks when they were 10 weeks, the big girls have been free ranging together in their own little cliquey bunch, leaving the chicks to free range on their own. The chicks would be relatively close to the big girls but  if they got too close, Hannah Hen and / or Helen Hen would chase the chicks away with a few well aimed pecks.

DSC_0022This is about as close as the chicks were allowed and I did wonder if the big girls would ever let them become part of their gang.


Then one day I noticed the chicks were allowed a little closer. Were they really being allowed to roam with the big girls? Notice that they are as far away from Helen as they can be. (She is on the left of the photo.)


Then a few nights ago, the teenagers were allowed to peck in the same spot after I had thrown down some treats.


I think the teenagers have finally been accepted. They are allowed to sit on the preening log to preen with the big girls! They have done it.

Now what will it take to get them to all sleep in the same coop.

9 thoughts on “Two broods become one

  1. Its been very interesting to watch this flock behavior and how it unfolds naturally. Are you still planning to get rid of some?

  2. Awww, one big brood, love it!

  3. Yay!!! I was very curious about if/how this was going to happen.

  4. Whew, they made it “in” without you having to resort to dramatic efforts. I love following the progress of your flock(s). It’s fascinating but a little too stressful for me. Nature never plays quite as nice as we’d like it to.

  5. Gad to see they are finally integrating.

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments. It is so funny to sit back and watch nature. I love it.

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