My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

My rooster chick is becoming a gentleman



Harry Hen Boy has been trying to get the girls attention to show them that he has found food for them. He is just over 14 weeks old.

I went out yesterday evening after work to throw some scratch treats and I heard a strange little noise, a bit like a squeak. I looked over and there was Harry Hen Boy trying to get the girls attention by making this funny little squeak and pretending to peck at something on the ground (just like mama hen used to do when she was teaching her chicks to eat). At the same time he was eagerly watching the girls to see if they would notice and come over to see what he had for them. But did those girls notice? Of course they didn’t. They only had eyes for the purple treat tin.  They were too busy crowding around me expectantly waiting for the lid of the treat tin to be opened and the scratch to be scattered.

Then tonight I went outside to close the coop door after the chicks had put themselves in for the night. And there was Harry Hen Boy. He was the last one into the coop and went trotting past the food container (that is always in the coop) and then he stopped. Looked at the food and decided he would let the girls know it was there. So he made his little squeak noises and did his little pretend pecking at the food and waited for the girls to come out of the hen house where they had put themselves to bed. I’m sorry Harry Hen Boy but the girls know the food is there and they have already walked past it to go to bed.

Never mind Harry Hen Boy, one day those girls will be grateful that you have found them food and they will want to share. Thank you for trying to look after them.


14 thoughts on “My rooster chick is becoming a gentleman

  1. So sweet! And he is SO beautiful!

  2. Oh man, that just warms my heart! What a fine young gentleman!

  3. What a sweetie. I do love Harry Hen Boy even if your spoiled girls find him common.

  4. He is growing up to be utterly gorgeous. I spent about five minutes just staring at his coloring. I wish we could keep a rooster here. Someday.

  5. What a gorgeous creature! 🙂

  6. My Jack did the gentleman thing and called the ladies over, he even let them take food right out of his mouth. He still does this only now it’s OK, I bought you dinner……………. Even with five ladies, Jack is wearing the feathers off of their backs. My wife ordered “chicken saddles” for two of the ladies. Future post coming.

    • Fair swap, being offered food for worn back feathers 🙂
      I have seen pictures of the chicken saddles on chickens. They can’t help but make me smile. I look forward to your post and associated photos.

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