My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

My teenage roosters have started their sexual shenanigans


When my roosters were eight weeks old, I happened to look out the window to where the chicks were meandering about and I saw one of the roosters doing his sexual shenanigan practicing on his brother. I did think this was slightly forward behaviour and thought nothing more of it and didn’t see this again…..until last weekend.

Last weekend the rooster boys turned fourteen weeks. I know that bantams start laying between five and six months and I am guessing roosters become sexually mature at about the same age.

So I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw last weekend. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw chicken wings flapping. I looked over and there was one of my rooster boys being shaken off the back of the mama chicken who had hatched him. After she had shaken him off, she fluffed herself up and indignantly trotted away from him.

I am guessing he is still just practicing but if she goes broody again before the boys are sold off, I will leave a couple of her eggs under her, along with purchased fertilised eggs, just in case. (And don’t worry, it is not as gross as it sounds. Mamma chicken is not related to the rooster boys. She was just used as their incubator.)


2 thoughts on “My teenage roosters have started their sexual shenanigans

  1. Not totally gross, but pretty darned gross. I’m sorry, the whole boys will be boys thing is no excuse – she’s their mama!!!

    You’re going to have to start rating your posts if they continue in this vein. Oh my, who knew hatching a few sweet, fluffy chicks would lead to porn in your back garden! I remember when they were so innocent….

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