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I found where Hannah Hen is spending the nights



I happened to see Hannah Hen going off to bed last night. At the end of our front lawn just before seven, one hour earlier than the younger girls. You can see her sleeping somewhere in this picture.


Can you see her?


There she is, in the manuka tree.


All tucked up for the night. On a very thin branch I might add. Luckily she is a lightweight bantam. Thank goodness it is still warm here in New Zealand, even though it is Autumn. There is no rain forecasted for the next few weeks so I have a little time up my sleeve to get her back to a mite free coop.


15 thoughts on “I found where Hannah Hen is spending the nights

  1. You have an amazing view! Hannah Hen sure is a wild one, isn’t she? She looks perfectly content in her element. I could not find her in the first photo, or the second…I’m glad you zoomed in… 🙂

    • Thank you. I love our view as well. The water is the Kaipara harbour and it is the largest harbour in the Southern hemisphere.
      I used the zoom lens when taking these photos as I didn’t want to get too close as I didn’t want her flying off and finding another roosting spot. I may never find it again.

  2. I love these photos. A great view and Hannah Hen is a clever thing finding such a nice clean and safe place to sleep. She looks happy but I like your idea of luring her back to the mite-free coop. I imagine when she realises the mites are gone she’d prefer the coop since she was happy there before. Actually it’s nice to know she’s smart enough to pick what’s best for her at the time. In the future she might even be an early warning system to alert you to mite infestations.

  3. I forgot to answer your question – nope, I couldn’t see her before photo 3.

    BTW, does she roam with your other chooks during the day? So she’s still part of the flock for eating and wandering, just not sleeping?

    • Hi Laura,
      Yes that is correct. It is only the sleeping where she 9s alone. She is the queen of my little flock and the 2 Barnies follow her around through the day, They stay with her in the evening until she goes to bed in her tree.

  4. I’m so glad you found her! Now how the heck are you going to convince her to come home? I know nothing about this topic and I am very interested to learn and see how it goes. Keep us updated!

    • Two ways, with treats in the later afternoon inside the coop but she is quite clever and may not fall for that. Or secondly I may have to catch her at night in the dark when she is sleeping. Neither may work but I will try.

  5. That’s hilarious! What a funny hen!

  6. Oh, how wonderful! That looks like a lovely place to spend the evening (for a chicken). Smart girl!

  7. What a beautiful landscape. Photos like that are why I want to visit New Zealand some day.

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