My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

My eight week old partridge wyandotte bantam rooster is crowing



This is a picture of me and my family  having a rest in my big mum’s garden tubs in amongst the blueberries, coriander and thyme. Me and my brother are the glorious coloured chicks, one of us standing beside mum and the other one sitting in the front of the photo. This photo was taken today and we are eight weeks old.

Last weekend I found a new part to my voice. I gave our big mum a real fright. She wrote a post about the sound I made but she wasn’t sure what it was. I haven’t told her it was me. I startled my brother and sisters when I made that  noise. You should have seen the way they looked at me.  I was quite embarrassed because I hadn’t realised it would come out like it did. It was like a strangled screech.

But my big mum has been at work all week so I have been practicing with my new voice.  And so this morning I felt I was ready.  She will be so proud of me. I waited until 7am because if I did this too early in the morning, she might get rid of me like I have heard her telling people.

So I put my head up in the air and opened my beak and made the biggest crow noise I could possibly make. This time it was almost like a real crow. Well I thought so anyway. I even managed to get two different notes. (Last time it was just rrrrrkkkkkk. This time it was rrrrkkkkRRRKKKKKKK.) Did I frighten my brother and my sisters? I don’t know and I don’t really care. They had better get used to it. Was my big mum proud? I am sure she was. How could she not be?

But I still haven’t told her it was me. She doesn’t know which one of us boys it was. But she definitely knows it was a real crow. I know because I woke her up from a deep sleep.


This is Harry Hen-Boy. (Sometimes called Prince Harry. Prince Harry has more ginger than his brother and is slightly smaller.) Is this the one who crowed?


This is Howie Hen-Boy. Taller, darker but not necessarily more handsome. Or maybe it was this one that crowed?


7 thoughts on “My eight week old partridge wyandotte bantam rooster is crowing

  1. It was the watermelon that did it! 😉

  2. I suspect it’s both too. If boy chooks are like girl chooks, they tend to do things at the same time: first lay, first moult. It could get noisy very quickly around your place. And, if you’re taking votes, I vote both are more handsome than their brother.

    I do fret a bit for your wine barrel planter. I hope you don’t expect to get much of a harvest from it ever again. The whole family have clearly adopted it!

    • I fleetingly think it could be both but you are probably both right. It will be quite difficult to “catch them in the act”.
      🙂 My wine barrels are now theirs and what I get will be a bonus.

  3. They are so pretty! Love the different patterns and colors of their feathers.

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