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My rooster chicks first crow?


It is Saturday morning . A  morning to have a little sleep in. But no, Hilda and Helen Hen decided they wanted to be let out at 6:30am so they started making lots of noise to make sure I would wake up and let them out. I did of course.

But then what do you do at 6:30am on a weekend when the rest of the house is sound asleep. I know, this is a perfect time to go through my photos before Haitch complains that my chicken photos are clogging up the computer. Hannah and her chicks were in a coop just outside the window where I was working and Hilda and Helen were happily scratching and pecking nearby.

Then I heard a sound. It was a chicken sound that I had never heard before. It sounded like one of my girls was being strangled! So I jumped up, looked out the window to see if Hannah and the chicks were ok. Yes, they were fine but they were looking a little startled. I couldn’t see Hilda or Helen from the window so I ran down the hallway to the sliding doors to see it they were both ok. Yes, they were sitting preening themselves.

Then it dawned on me. Could it have been one of my my little rooster boy chicks, either Harry or Howie Hen-Boy attempting his first crow. Seven weeks old.



13 thoughts on “My rooster chicks first crow?

  1. I remember hearing my roos first crow…it sounded like “gawk”… funny. 🙂

  2. Yes, their first attempts aren’t pretty. But they get there, then they get there LOUDER.

    • I’m actually looking forward to hearing it again and then developing over time but once they are crowing loudly in the wee small hours of the morning and reach sexual maturity and “bother” my chickens, they are outta here unfortunately.

      • You saw my Jack, he adds so much to this chicken experience I can’t imagine it without him. How can you say they are outta here?? Jack was a surprise, fortunately my neighbors are fine with him. We are a little spread out here in the suburbs, thankfully.

      • I know. Mean aren’t I! I wpuld love to have a beautiful rooster like your Jack. But it was an agreement that my husband and I made before we decided to have chickens that we wouldn’t have a rooster. The main reason is that their coop is just outside our bedroom window and we don’t want to be woken in the early hours of the morning.
        But my plan is to keep my boys as long as I can and with a bit of luck, my husband will get used to the crowing. But we will see, won’t we. 🙂

  3. Thats pretty early for a boy chick! My big 5 month old splash Orpy boy is making funny noises in the morning – sounds a bit like crying – then he shuts up for the rest of the day – he doesn’t have any confidence – quite a shy boy!

    • I did read that the time for first crows vary between breeds but I haven’t heard it since. But I guess time will tell. 🙂
      I visited a friend last week who had Orpy boys. They are gorgeous aren’t they!

      • I have just had a real laugh. Trishyburg who left that last comment about her Orpy boy is actually the friend I visited last week and has just started her new blog. And here am I replying to her comment telling her I had visited a friend with Orpy’s. Gave me a good smile for the evening.
        Janet, if you read this, pop across to trishyburg’s blog and read her first post. I think you will like her.

      • Yes I guessed that was me……!

  4. It is so funny when they first start crowing! I love it!

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