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My partridge wyandotte chicks love to chase flies



Someone asked me the other day if mama hen and her chicks get bored in the run all day.

I have often wondered this myself. My chickens free range all day but of course, mama hen and her baby chicks are in lock down until the chicks get a bit bigger. I know some people free range their chicks with the mama hen from a few weeks old but others leave it until the chicks are closer to eight weeks.

I have decided that I will let the chicks free range with mama hen for an hour or so each day from about seven weeks. If they begin to free range while mama hen is still caring for them, they will probably learn to be “street smart” a little quicker.

So meanwhile, do I think they get bored in their run all day? I don’t think so. Not on hot days when there are pesky flies around. This fly got away after an ungainly pounce from chick.


4 thoughts on “My partridge wyandotte chicks love to chase flies

  1. “street smart” ha ha! Love it.

  2. I noticed that too…and it surprised me that they liked that when they were that little. They love things like grubs, too. One will grab it and the others will try and get it away from them. Someone suggested cutting them up in little pieces. That’s just not my cup of tea, but I’m sure it works. A friend of mine told me to dig a hole in the dirt and watch how much fun they have getting worms and bugs out of that.

    It’s winter here now and very cold…the flies are gone. It was 16 degrees the other night. I don’t know what that is in Celsius…but way below freezing. And I worry…but the chicks are fine… 🙂

    • OMG! That is almost minus 9 degrees. That is so cold but I’m glad the chicks are fine.
      I also read somewhere that people chop up bugs for their chicks but no thanks. They can fight over them, just like in nature. We had a reasonably large bug on the side of the run a few days ago and I thought the chicks (and mama) would have great fun but they all gave it a wide berth. One of the chicks went over to it a few times and looked at the bug with one eye, did a half hearted peck at it and then ran off to the other side of the run.

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