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My chicken is moulting after hatching her chicks



I used to look like this. I think I was rather majestic looking if I may say so myself!


Then I was very lucky and I was given eggs to hatch. Twenty one days of sitting on those eggs, I hatched these adorable things. Five of them. No one noticed at the time because we were all too busy oohing and aahing over my babies, but there is a tell tale feather in the bottom of this picture.


Then I started to notice more and more of my beautiful feathers on the ground of the run.


I have no idea how many feathers I will lose in this moult but look at me. Just look at my bottom! My beautiful tail has gone!

The big boss (that is the person who thinks she is my owner but of course she does not own me) went online to her poultry central forum website thingy and she found out that we mums often moult after we have hatched our babies. Well no wonder, what on earth does she expect. It is very hard work and stressful on my body to be sitting in that confined space for 21 days and not to have much time to eat or drink. I can’t let my eggs go cold, you know!


7 thoughts on “My chicken is moulting after hatching her chicks

  1. I think your tail-less chook looks darned cute even if she is lacking a few feathers.
    I assume Hannah hasn’t laid any eggs since the magical appearance of a clutch of eggs in her nest box. When is it anticipated she’ll start? I hope she gets all her feathers back first!

    • I hope she get all of her feathers back before she start laying again. Just from reading on the internet I would say that she won’t start laying again until the chicks are off her hands but that can be anytime it seems, from 4 weeks to 8 or 9 weeks. Exciting this whole first time round thing. And a bit scary too, trying to make sure you do the right thing.

  2. Aw, her little bum! And those chicks are looking beautiful in that last picture.

    • I have loved every minute of seeing the chicks grow up. To start with I was a bit disappointed that they grew so quickly and that they weren’t cutesy little balls of fluff for long but I am over that now and every weekend when I get to spend the most time with them, they show me something new. Either in their behaviour or their looks (usually both).
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Her chicks are so adorable. They are just amazing! For a moult, she isn’t looking too bad. I love your hen!

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