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Hatching baby chicks for beginners – Lesson # 3 – Lots of wood shavings in the nest


Because Hannah Hen only got off her nest for a few minutes every few days (and I work away from home 6:30am to 6pm week days), I did not get many opportunities to check on the eggs. Just before hatching day I happened to be there when she got off for some water and a few pecks of grain and so I quickly rushed around to the nesting box and lifted the lid to check on the eggs.

I was surprised by what I saw. Hannah Hen had scratched and scruffled around so much to make her nest comfy that the eggs were virtually sitting on the wooden floor of the nest box surrounded on the sides by a pile of pine shavings. Oh dear. Thank goodness that they hadn’t broken sitting on the wood. But maybe they won’t hatch with the cold air coming up from the gaps in the wooden slats. Oh dear.

I was tempted to lift the eggs up and put some pine shavings underneath them but I decided that was probably not the wisest thing to do when the eggs were due to hatch anytime.  She might get cross with me for messing with her eggs and abandon them.You see, that nest was never designed to sit in for 21 days. It was just the plain old nesting box that the girls laid in.

My third lesson for next time is to make sure that whatever nest she is going to be spending her 20 days in, has lots and lots of pine shavings.


3 thoughts on “Hatching baby chicks for beginners – Lesson # 3 – Lots of wood shavings in the nest

  1. I sat down this morning with the goal of reading your blog. Finished, well mostly. Hannah Hen’s chicks are so cute—–If my wife sees them we could be in trouble. She might want some. I have 2 questions, what are chooks? Just your way of saying chickens? and in your Aug. 24 th post what is the tall stucture? A sculpture?

    Love your blog.

    • Hi Hobacaitbe, Welcome.
      In Australia and New Zealand chooks are the same as your chickens and chickens for us are chicks. So for us it is quite difficult to get used to calling our chooks / hens,chickens as that is what we call the babies. It is a bit confusing but since I have mostly overseas followers and I love reading overseas chicken blogs, I am getting used to calling my chooks / hens, chickens.
      Hope that makes sense 🙂
      And yes, the thing in the bush is a woooen sculpture. We have about 4 of them dotted around the bush.
      I am glad you like my blog. Isn’t it great to find chicken blogs that we were unaware of.

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