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My partridge wyandotte bantam chicks are growing fast


My partridge wyandotte bantam chicks at 2 days old. Just cute little balls of fluffs.



My partridge wyandotte bantam chicks at 9 days old. Much bigger and with barred wing feathers starting to grow.



My partridge wyandotte bantam chicks at 16 days old. Much much bigger and the barred colouring is all over their wings and their backs and they have bits of fluffy down sticking out. Someone visited today and thought they were baby ducks.Β It must be the little tail feathers that have started to grow.


I can’t believe they are growing so fast. They are changing daily!

17 thoughts on “My partridge wyandotte bantam chicks are growing fast

  1. So gorgeous – good on you for keeping a photographic record of their speedy development!

  2. Isn’t it amazing! I remember when my girls first arrived and how quickly they grew..I had 5 chicks, all different breeds. They all developed in their own way, some a bit faster than others…it was so fascinating to watch. I was not as good as you are about recording the changes, but I have some pictures. I can’t believe when I look at them now, how tiny they were. I am so hooked on hens! Love you blog, Patti

  3. Wow! They are growing fast…great pics! Amazing how their feathers grow!

  4. Thanks for sharing, you take great pictures……they are so adorable!!!

    • It is quite funny taking the photos. I shove the lens of the camera in through the door of the run and click and hope for the best until mama hen gets cross of the chicks get scared and go inside.

  5. They are so cute! I’m loving hearing about the trials and tribulations of your chooks XO

  6. Okay, let’s all admit it, they were cutest in the first photo. But they’re still pretty cute. What happened to the mohawk? Is that chick just missing in each photo? Can you tell them apart (where’s Harriet)? How fun!

    • I think the mohawk is Harriet and I think she is the one to the left on the log. She is definitely not in the middle photo as she was inside under mum. She is a little mummies girl (or perhaps a goody good).
      I have only ever really been able to tell Harriet (darkest) and Harry (palest) from the others. I used to tell the other boy but to be honest they have grown and changed so much and I haven’t had a lot of time to sit with them and indulge.

  7. Those girls are just GORGEOUS! (And they are really making me want some new chicks in this place).

  8. It really is amazing how fast they grow! And so fun to watch the progress. πŸ™‚

  9. I have moved the following comment from the top photo to the post so that others can share in it. Thank you Welcometreefarm.

    December 14, 2012 at 2:51 am Edit β†’

    I just love seeing pictures of chicks and their mom. There has only been a couple times that we have hatched out chicks on our farm. It’s so fun watching all of the interesting behaviors.

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