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Baby chicks drink such a lot of water


I read that baby chicks drink a lot of water. I also read that they can drown in their water bowl if it is too deep.

So before they hatched, we took a trip to the local farm store and bought a special chick sized feeder and waterer in readiness for our baby chicks arrival. On the first day after they had all hatched, I put the feeder and waterer in the coop and then moved it into the run on the second day when their mum took them outside.

The little chicks dipped their tiny beaks into the water and then tipped their little heads so far back to swallow, that they almost lost their footing and toppled backwards.

Oh how I have missed watching the chicks this week while I have been at work. I see them for a few minutes in the morning as I leave to go to work and by the time I get home, Hannah Hen has taken them to bed.

10 thoughts on “Baby chicks drink such a lot of water

  1. I love watching them drink!

  2. Chickens are the cutest drinkers. I love the way they tip their beaks up and look around while they swallow. When I watch them they always stare back with each new beak-full. They do the same with yoghurt, I guess it’s runny enough they they need gravity to help them swallow it.

  3. They do drink lots of water. A couple of times when I opened the coop in the morning the water was dry. Always made me feel so guilty. Yesterday I went out and bought a 3 gallon size for the 10 week old chicks. I’ll save the 1 gallon one for the next batch of little ones. : )

  4. So cute. At least it’s nearly the weekend so you have 2 whole days to watch them again 🙂

  5. Baby chicks drink a lot… we have something in common then… 🙂

  6. Clean fresh water at all times is about the best thing you can do for your chickens, especially your little chicks. If you can manage it replace water frequently (daily is best) unless you have gone to a lot of trouble to have a system where the chickens cannot scratch litter into it. Even then they will get dirt in the water just by dipping their beaks, especially when they are on chick feeder and pullet grower rations. Once a week I dismantle the waterers and giove them a good scrub and soak them afterwards in water with bleach added for an hour to thoroughly clean them. I also add a liquid bird supplement once a week (only for 1 day then replace with fresh water) or a dollop of mature live Apple Cider Vinegar – again only for one day and then toss. Your chickens will be so healthy with that combined with good range you’ll never catch them again! 🙂

    • You are right about the water getting dirty. I clean them daily on days I am working and twice daily on days I am home. Thanks so much for the supplement and apple cider vinegar advice.

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