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chooks, hens or chickens?

The hatching has finished


This morning before I went to work there was still only two empty eggshells on the floor of the coop.  Maybe there are more than two chicks hatched and their empty shells are hidden under Hannah Hen. But at this stage, there are five eggs unaccounted for.

Tonight when I got home from work there was another empty eggshell on the floor.
And then I saw not far from the empty eggshells two unbroken eggs. I picked them up and they were cold and I am guessing she kicked them out of the nest when she realised they weren’t going to hatch.

So that leaves two eggs unaccounted for. Because she was still sitting tight on the nest with her chicks all tucked under, I couldn’t see whether she had any eggs left to hatch or even if the chicks that had hatched were alive. I had only seen the first chick for a fleeting instant before the spider disturbed me.

I went back inside and left her in peace. A wee while later I went back outside to feed Helen and Hilda and I heard Hannah Hen clucking to her chicks and their answering peeps. So I threw the food at to the two girls and rushed over to the coop. If I angled myself properly, I could peep through the chicken wire of the run and then peer inside the coop through the little door and there they were! Five (I am pretty sure I counted five) very cute and very fluffy and very tiny chicks.

Mum was teaching them to peck on the floor. I opened the run door to get a better view but she decided that I was too close so she went back to the nest, clucking to the chicks to follow. She settled herself in and then the chicks, one at a time climbed under her outstretched wings.



12 thoughts on “The hatching has finished

  1. oooo so exciting- can’t wait till you can get some piccies! xxx

  2. I’m actually jealous. I’ve never felt jealousy when people talk about their adorable children (I’ve known too many children too be fooled by stories of their adorableness) but these 5 little chicks make me clucky.

    • That is so funny. While I was waiting for Hannah Hen to go broody, there was someone on the NZ poultry forum who was hatching the same breed as me and I felt the same way about her chicks. 🙂
      Now she is giving me tips and support along the way.

  3. So fun! I miss those little peeps! 5 is a great number. Hopefully you can post some photos as they grow!

  4. Thanks everyone. I will be lurking around the coop today with my camera

  5. So exciting! Can’t believe I missed the last post after waiting so long, but we were on the road. Can’t wait to see the pictures!!!
    I’ve been gone from my chicks for a week. I can’t believe how much they have grown.

  6. Congratulations on the chicks! Looking forward to seeing them soon (ish!).

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