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Still waiting for baby chickens


I worked from home yesterday and today so that I would be home for the hatching of my babies!

It seems that I misjudged the hatching day terribly or the three hours that Hannah Hen spent sitting on a golf ball instead of her eggs were more detrimentals that I thought.

Apparently the hatching time for these bantam eggs is anywhere from 19 days to 21 days. I put the eggs under her on the evening of the 1st November so that makes tonight the 20th day (or night actually). So I am still hopeful that they will hatch.

I have read that you can hear the chickens pipping in the shell (whatever that means) before they hatch so I have been lying outside the coop with my ear to the outside of the nesting box willing myself to hear pipping. (Not all the time of course, only every few hours.) But no. No sound. I even went out with a torch and lay in the dark before I went to bed. I think Haitch thinks I am nuts but oh well. Maybe I am.

I have been wanting to take photo of her sitting on her eggs but I am worried that the flash will frighten her and cause her to abandon then nest. I can’t risk that at this late stage so I will continue to wait and continue to be hands off. I have decided not to candle the eggs and just wait and see.

UPDATED a few days later.
I have found out what pipping means.


14 thoughts on “Still waiting for baby chickens

  1. Wait and see is exactly the right approach. At day 25 you’ll either have chicks or not regardless of candleing or photographing. Hang in there….

    • Thanks Laura. Funny but I had no thoughts at all that they may not hatch. But then it got past my unrealistic expected hatch date (yesterday) and now I am a bit nervous. But thanks for the comment. I will give it to 25 days before I decide my next plan of action (if I need one that is). πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, best to wait and see. Our duck has been sitting on hers for way too long now so I guess it isn’t going to happen – argh! Good luck.

  3. Waiting with you… πŸ™‚

  4. Come on little chick-a-dees!!!

  5. Best of luck!
    BTW LOVE LOVE the new blog masthead photo!

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