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Chicken patience is a virtue


Chicken patience is a virtue.
Having no chicken patience is not.

Yesterday morning I was rudely awoken by one of my chickens (I think it was Helen) making the loud “I’ve just laid an egg” noise. But she hadn’t laid an egg. She never lays at daybreak. Then Hilda decided to join in on the cacophony of sound. It was 6:17am and I panicked, thinking we were late for work. Then I realised it was Saturday.

The coop is just outside our bedroom and I think they were making sure I was awake so that I would get up and let them out, which I did of course! Naughty girls with no patience.

Then later in the morning, Helen Hen was sitting on the nest laying her egg. Hilda sat outside in the garden not far from the coop.

She was sitting patiently waiting for Helen to come out.

She waited.

And waited some more.

Then Hilda decided she had waited long enough. Her patience had run out. She got up and started pacing up and down outside the coop. Then she started making the loud bok bok bok BOKAARRRKKK  sound and looking nervously about. I think she thought Helen had come out when she wasn’t looking and had run off and left her alone.

But after another ten minutes or so, Helen did come out. Hilda ran over to her and then off they went merrily on their way scratching and pecking.

And where was Hannah Hen during all this? Well, she was sitting tightly on her eggs of course. She hasn’t come off the nest even for her ablutions, since we put the eggs under her on Thursday evening. Good little bantam. Be patient. Only another nineteen days to go.


5 thoughts on “Chicken patience is a virtue

  1. I love the way you tell this!

  2. That is such a cute story. I love the photos of Hilda waiting patiently.

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