My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

I spoke too soon. The chickens found my garden


For a long time, my chickens didn’t realise there was some nice soft garden dirt to scratch in. I even wrote a post about how lucky I was. But then one of them looked up and found the garden in the tub.

And then the second one saw the first one up there and decided she would take a look as well.

And not to be out done, Hannah found the other barrel and she has it all to herself.


15 thoughts on “I spoke too soon. The chickens found my garden

  1. Those chickens are defenitely turned out to be more intelligent than any of us readers expected 🙂 Keep us posted… We are enjoying it a lot !!!

  2. I know the situation – ha!

  3. Oh oh, that’s the end of any peace for your plants. Even if they don’t eat the leaves, they like digging in soft, well-watered soil. I surround my pot plants with chickenwire, it’s the only way to go. Good luck negotiating a truce with your girls!

  4. Cheeky chooks!

  5. I can hear Hannah the hen saying “Mwaa haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” when you’re not around.

  6. they are so funny! mine eat all my herbs especially corriander! i just have bare stalks in my garden!

  7. Dang! That’s such a bummer.

    I have a small patch of garden on the far side of the yard that had some nice carrots getting started. They were looking great! The chickens never went that way. But a couple of days ago, I went to check my carrots and found a beautifully cleaned up, nicely turned patch of soil.

    Oh well,

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