My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Chickens Love Yoghurt (mine do anyway)


Please do not point that camera at us when we are eating yoghurt.

We know it is all over our beaks.


13 thoughts on “Chickens Love Yoghurt (mine do anyway)

  1. Love yoghurt? Are you kidding, they would kill for yoghurt. Nothing in the world surpasses yoghurt. Watching my chickens eat yoghurt is one of my great pleasures in life because it makes them so blessedly happy. Anyone who thinks chickens aren’t expressive just needs to watch them with a dollop of yoghurt in front of them.

    Your girls are very ladylike in their gluttony. Mine make a mess of the whole thing then pick yoghurt off each other’s backs. I have watched it again and again and am unsure how they get so much yoghurt in so many places. Here’s my post about yoghurt with a photo of Isabel covered in it. Like I said, watching this is one of my great pleasures in life.

    • I love your yoghurt post. 🙂
      I made a mistake one day and put the yoghurt bowl near the house (painted charcoal grey). They flicked it about so much that the house had tiny white spots that I had to wash off. But yes, at this stage they seem a little more ladylike than Bronwyn. (BTW I’m loving the Bronwyn stories.)

      • I had not intended singling out one of my 3 chickens for more attention than the others but Bronwyn singles herself out. She is definitely head chook, is huge and has that confidence that gets her into so much mischief. I wish I could say I liked her the best but I spend way too much time stopping her naughtiness to have a chance to appreciate her boldness 🙂

  2. My Buff Orpingtons love yogurt and they also love cottage cheese. I make sure that they get enough during molt because it’s packed with protein.

    Welcome back, glad you had a nice trip!

  3. Thank you Maryann.
    I hadn’t thought to give them cottage cheese. I must put that on my grocery list.

  4. I give mine cheese everynow and then, never thought about yogurt and cottage cheese. 🙂 you have beautiful birds. What type are they?

  5. I have never tried yoghurt for my chooks……but they will certainly eat any scraps from the kitchen, some of which seem a bit strange – cottage cheese past its use by date, scraps of fat from meat, cold rice or noodles, mushroom peelings amongst them! My new girls seem to be settling in nicely which is really good. Love your dark brown ones!

  6. Glad your girls are settling in.

  7. This is encouraging. I have some raw milk that has soured. I think I’ll try it on the hens and see if they like it.

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