My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Did the chickens survive while we were on holiday?


The chickens survived, thanks to Aitch. She drove out twice during the five days we were away to make sure the chickens were ok.

During those visits they were shifted to fresh grass, they were given loads of treats, their water was checked, they were chatted to, they were windproofed from hurricane style winds and they were made safe from torrential rain.

The roof on their run blew off but Aitch put it back on with a few alterations to make sure it didn’t blow off again. She was drenched to the skin from the torrential rain but she made sure the chickens were safe. All of this was going on while Haitch and I were having a lovely time on holiday. Thank you Aitch.

When we returned to New Zealand the wind and rain had gone and the chickens were happy. They were back out free ranging this morning and so excited, they even ignored the treat tin and ran off to scratch and peck.


8 thoughts on “Did the chickens survive while we were on holiday?

  1. That first trip away from your brood is always scary – glad you had a good time and that everyone was safe and sound when you returned. Sounds like you have a great chicken sitter! 🙂

  2. Welcome back! And a great big cheer for Aitch – she’s a very good girl 🙂

  3. wow it’s great to have such good friends!

  4. so glad they made it just fine! And glad you had them checked on… those winds sound crazy!

  5. Hooray. Safe, happy and healthy. I’m sure if they could talk they’d tell you they missed you and are glad you’re home. I hadn’t realised NZ is fox free – may it ever remain so! We’re getting a lot better here as local councils now put bait out every year to keep the population down (I think eradication is so far fetched it isn’t even discussed).

    My chicken sitters get paid in eggs for topping up chook feed. What do you pay a sitter who fixes roofs and can she come over here and do a bit of work on my front fence 🙂

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    We are so pleased that New Zealand is fox free, Laura. I actually thought Australia was fox free too until I read your blog.
    Funny, each time we have been in the UK and seen a fox slinking along near houses, we used to be quite excited to see them but next time I see a fox there, I won’t think they are so cute, chicken killers that they are!

  7. Glad it went well! 🙂

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