My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

Gardens and Chickens


Unfortunately where we live, the soil is made up of heavy, orange, gluggy clay and when our house was built unfortunately it didn’t come with topsoil. So I don’t really have a garden. I have wine barrels filled with container mix and a few herbs and other edible bits and pieces. I guess you can almost call that a garden.

I also have a few pots dotted around.

I guess this is also our garden. Our house is tucked under a bush.  Lots of very tall pine trees and lots of native trees in amongst.

I have read many other chicken blogs and it seems that chickens devastate gardens. So much so that many of them start off as free range chickens and then have be curtailed due to garden destruction.

My chickens seem to walk around with their heads down always looking for things to peck at and I don’t think they even know there is dirt and tasty things in my containers. I guess one day they might look up and find the coriander and blueberries.

Of course they can peck and scratch as much as they want in the bush.


7 thoughts on “Gardens and Chickens

  1. I think your chickens are rather wise!

  2. My girls spend a lot of time looking down……but one of their favorite “up” places in my huge compost pile surrounded by straw bales. We have clipped their wings, but they have no trouble jumping 3-4 ft to get to “the good stuff”. The funny thing is, they think they are being so sneaky.

  3. My chickens are very particular – in particular they hate herbs. They have turned my main herb bed into a dust bath but they never eat any of the herbs so I’m guessing that’s why your tubs are safe. I challenge you to plant a cabbage (or broccoli or anything from the brassica family). Guaranteed your girls will find and destroy!

    I fence off my veggie patches – I couldn’t bare to lock up my girls.

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