My Tiny Brood of Backyard Chooks

chooks, hens or chickens?

The new chicken is not in the freezer


The new chicken was not a Partridge Wyandotte bantam.
The new chicken was a barnyard special but that doesn’t matter.
The new chicken wasn’t a flighty chicken.
The new chicken’s background? She was living on a chicken farm where she and hundreds of others were being bred for meat.
My brother grabbed her from the slaughter room.
The new chicken was a pullet and not an old hen.
The new chicken was healthy.

But I am not ready to introduce a new chicken to my tiny brood yet.
My three have only been together a few weeks.
My three have a gentle pecking order with the bantam at the top and the two Barnevelder sisters second equal.
My three put themselves to bed at night if I am late home.
My three don’t wander away to the remote areas of my fenceless property.

I am not ready for a new chicken at the moment.
I don’t think my brood is quite ready for a new chicken either.
I am away the next few weekends.
I can’t afford to upset the balance while I am away.
I can only have a few more chickens and I want to choose wisely. She may still be one of my choices. But not just now.

The new chicken is not in the freezer.
The new  chicken is with lots of other chickens and lots of roosters on a free range egg farm.
A proper farm. Not just a patch of dirt like some “free range” farms.
She won’t be quite as loved and spoilt there but she will be happy and safe.


6 thoughts on “The new chicken is not in the freezer

  1. It still sounds like a pretty good outcome considering she was on her way to the slaughter room!

    that was so kind of you. I am enjoying your blog. learning about chickens. we want to get a few chickens as well. I am so new to this. We moved to the country from living in the city all our lives. sort of like green acres (LOL). But i am learning a lot. thanks for sharing about the chickens i enjoy it so much. Betty

  3. You’re very welcome, Betty. I do hope you get chickens as they provide hours of pleasure and have such great personalities.

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