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And Then There Were Three – Eggs


At last. Three hens and three eggs. I knew even before I lifted the lid of the nesting boxes, that the last of the hens (Hilda Hen) had started laying, .

You see, I have five nesting boxes, three at one end of the hen house and two (for bigger hens) at the other end. Hannah Hen (the Partridge Wyandotte Bantam) lays in one of the dainty nesting boxes being the dainty hen that she is. And when Helen Hen (the large Barnevelder) started laying, being a young pullet she just copied the dainty but matronly Hannah Hen and laid in the same nest.

So when I got home from work a few days ago, I happened to notice some woods shavings on the ground under the larger nesting boxes at the opposite end to where Helen and Hannah lay. Either Helen or Hannah have started to lay in a nesting box at the other end of the house (not really likely) or Hilda Hen has started laying (more likely as she is Helen’s sister and she has been laying for about a week).

So I opened the lid of the nesting box and there was no doubt. It was Hilda Hen’s egg. How do I know it wasn’t Helen’s. Well, it was elongated. Helen lays a more normal shaped egg.
Hilda’s elongated brown egg is at the back on the left of the photo.
Helen’s normal shaped brown egg is at the back on the right of the photo.
Hannah’s green bantam egg at the front.

How lucky am I? (I promise I will try to make this the last egg post.)


6 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three – Eggs

  1. Egg posts are good, I love the differant size shapes and colours of the eggs my girls lay, I can tell what hen layed what egg by slight size differance and colour variation. it’s pretty cool

  2. I agree – I like egg posts. As soon as I saw it, I had to come read and find out more.

  3. Hen keepers completely understand your excitement. Beautiful post and beautiful eggs!!!

  4. Thank you fellow hen keepers. I won’t feel bad or embarrassed anymore about how many egg posts I do 🙂
    Thank you so much for leaving your wonderful comments.

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