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A new bigger and better coop for my chickens


In the background is the original rather small coop I bought for my chickens before I knew anything about chickens. Here is a post about my original rather small  coop.
It was bought to hold three to four hens. At least that is what it said on the box.
It was bought before I realised how big my heavy breed Barnevelders would grow.
It was bought before I realised I would fall in love with having chickens and would want more than three.

So once I had captured Hannah Hen, I decided that the little bantam and the two rather large Barnevelders where a bit squashed in the rather small sleeping quarters in the rather small coop and were probably sleeping on top of each other. And that isn’t fair.

So I searched Trade Me and found a hen house that is meant to hold eight to ten chooks and bought a run to go with it. So I set it all up  with nice soft wood shavings in the nests and on the floor, moved the handles so the run would fit properly against the house and added perches to the run so they could sit on them and watch the world go by.

Then we moved them in. I was worried that they might not settle straight away and that they might not even want to go into the new house! I had already disrupted their lives. I had captured Hannah Hen and locked her in a rather small coop for ten days when she had been roaming free in a paddock for years.  I had locked the two Barnevelders in with Hannah Hen to get them all used to being together when they had been used to free ranging all day . How they must be hating it.

But no need to worry. After about five minutes of exploring the run, the rather brave Hilda Hen walked into the house.

And then came back out to tell the others all about it.

This is what she saw .

Since then they settled quickly in their new bigger and better coop and continued to lay their little brown and little green eggs. And they have enjoyed sitting on the perches in the run watching the world go by.
That was last weekend. This weekend it was all about letting them out to free range again. That post is for another day.

17 thoughts on “A new bigger and better coop for my chickens

  1. Such a beautiful chicken house perhaps you cam take photos of the inside and post them. That older smaller one would be great for me to hatch and raise Slikies in. I may have to buy one like it

  2. They will have plently of room in there, they will be very happy, perhaps you should get a bunny get the old house? 😉

  3. It is always interesting to see the inside of a coop. Great blog! :0)

    • Thank you. I love seeing the inside of coops as well but then I get all jealous because I want a coop that I can walk into and put lots of perches and a ladder but I have to learn to be happy with what I have 🙂

  4. Do the chickens perch during the day? My setup doesn’t have anything like that and being me, I’m wondering if I need to give them more stimulation (for when they’re not out and about the garden)

    • When I had my chickens locked in for 2 weeks they did use the perch in the run a lot. They used it for preening and resting. But now of course that they are back to free ranging all day, there isn’t such a need. But when I shut them in at night (about 30 minutes before their bedtime) they always use the outside perches for preening time before bed.
      I think that if you can easily add outside perches then it would be a good idea as you would be surprised how often they use them.
      (Sorry, I just pushed your WordPress stats up as I have been reading your blog, mainly recent posts, but I have just gone back to older posts to check out your coop and run situation and got carried away with your wonderful chicken stories).
      Thank you for your stories and I love your girls.

  5. Great run! This is exactly what I need to do for my hens now that there is a hawk circling about. I just do not feel confident to let them free range, at least not yet, without protection. I’m so glad you posted the pictures. 🙂

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