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The final Hannah Hen mystery solved. What breed is she?


There were a number of mysteries surrounding Hannah Hen when she first turned up at our place.

The first mystery Hannah Hen presented us with was where did she come from.
That mystery was solved a little while later here.

Another mystery? How old is Hannah Hen? She is very tiny but she doesn’t seem to be a young hen. She seems old and wise.
That mystery was also solved at the same neighbourhood party as above. She is at least four years old. So yes, old and wise.

The next mystery was where did she sleep at night. She would spend the day at our place and then she would go off somewhere to sleep.
This mystery was solved here.

So that leaves one more mystery that has been very hard to solve. Her breed.
I spent many hours searching the internet for something that  looked a little like her. But I couldn’t find anything.
I spoke to people who “knew about chickens” but they didn’t know what breed she was.
I looked at all the beautiful pictures of “Poultry Breeds” in the Lifestyle Block magazine – Your Poultry. (Link is to volume 2 which is due out soon). She wasn’t in there.
I asked the neighbour / farmer / friend who told me where she had come from but he didn’t know.

Then after I had given up, I was searching online for something (obviously chicken related) and I came across this.
And there she was.
I sent them an email and a photo of Hannah Hen and they were able to confirm her breed for me. She is a Partridge Wyandotte Bantam. Thank you Rotherham Poultry for solving my final mystery.

And yes, it was she that laid the little green egg.  Apparently Partridge Wyandotte Bantams lay any coloured egg from “a light cream to a nice brown colour“. I am lucky enough to have her lay green eggs. (More information on blue / green egg laying chickens for those that left comments on my green eggs and ham post.)


10 thoughts on “The final Hannah Hen mystery solved. What breed is she?

  1. Fascinating, you sound like me, When you get your mind set on finding something out you don’t stop till you get the answer. Perhaps it the Taurus’ you have in your house they are rubbing off on you.

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  3. I LOVE your Hannah Hen story! Thanks for commenting on my blog post so I could find your blog in return. I had to immediately read through all of your posts, and it’s so fun to find another kindred spirit who is as obsessed with her hens as I am! You are such a great storyteller. And I’m very jealous of your beautiful farm in New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to visit your country. Maybe someday… 🙂

    • I too love to discover new chicken blogs from people like us. I didn’t realise what a wonderful experience it would be having chickens.
      Thank you for your lovely comment about my blog and about New Zealand.

  4. Oh! She’s a beauty!

    I love this post!

  5. Wow! I’m loving reading your blog! Love the green egg!

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