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Green Eggs and Ham


I think Dr Suess had a little chicken like Hannah Hen who laid little green eggs. His inspiration for his wonderful book.

Today I went out to feed the girls before rushing off to work at 6:45am and Hannah Hen was not in the run. There is only one place she can be. In the hen house. I know she had heard me outside. She would have known I had the treat box and scraps. I heard her scuffling around in the nesting box. I waited for her to step graciously down the little ramp but she didn’t come. She must be sitting on the nest laying an egg!

I wonder what it will look like? I wonder what colour it will be? I wonder how big it will be?

I didn’t have to wait long. She came out a few minute later as though nothing had happened. I almost threw the treats at her in my haste to lift up the nesting box lid. A little green egg. Thank you Hannah Hen.


15 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham

  1. It’s GREEN! Put some polka dots on it and it would be an easter egg

  2. Those eggs are gesticulating and so are the ladies, what kind are they? If you had a Roo I’d ask you to send eggs to the statesfor me…

  3. Those eggs are beautiful I may have to hens like that.

  4. I desperately want a couple of Easter Egger hens. They’s just hard to find around here. When I was a kid we had the “egg man” who delivered a dozen eggs to our house each week. We would leave an empty carton with $1 in it on the doorstep and he would leave a fresh dozen … this was in the 1970’s. And in that dozen there were always two or three green or green-blue eggs mixed in with the brown ones. They absolutely fascinated me. I just couldn’t figure out where green eggs came from! Maybe I can get some next year. I think I’ve reached my wife’s limit for 2012. 🙂

  5. What breed of chicken lays green eggs?

  6. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. It took me many weeks to find out what breed Hannah Hen is. I am going to be writing a post about it on Saturday. I hope you don’t mind if I wait until then to tell you what type of hen lays that little green egg. 🙂
    My husband says her eggs are green because she eats too much grass. I hope he isn’t serious. But then again, he doesn’t know much about our hens.

  7. What a cute green egg!

  8. Way to go, Hannah Hen! Beautiful little egg.

  9. Pretty egg from a pretty hen! Lucky, lucky you…

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