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Free range chickens and heavy rain


Today at work, I looked out the window and the rain was pelting down and being blown sideways against the windows of our high rise building. All of a sudden there was a commotion with many of my workmates running towards the window and looking outside down onto the road. Apparently a wheelie bin had blown onto the road causing chaos among the traffic.

Did I run over to the window to watch the traffic chaos? No, all I could think of was my chooks being outside about 80 kilometres away from where I work, free ranging in the adverse spring weather conditions. I wondered if they were scared and if they were clever enough to take shelter in their coop.

A few weeks ago when Hannah Hen was still visiting us on a daily basis, the three of them were free ranging not far from their coop when a huge rain storm hit. I happened to be shutting the windows at the time so the rain didn’t get into our house and looked out at the chooks to see what they would do. When they heard the heavy rain came down they all looked up, possibly thinking that the sky was about to fall in, (perhaps that is a good name for a new chook when I get one – Henny Penny). Hilda Hen and Helen Hen ran into their chicken run (which has a roof) but of course Hannah Hen didn’t follow them as she doesn’t live in their (yet) so it wasn’t a safe sanctuary to her as it would be to the others. I couldn’t see where Hannah Hen went and I guessed she was sheltering under the trees in the bush somewhere.

So I went on into the bathroom and quickly shut the window with a loud bang and then I saw Hannah Hen run from where she was sheltering up against the side of the house directly under the window. She ran in the heavy rain over into the garden where she stood fluffed up and looking extremely dejected. I felt really bad for frightening her from her dry spot against the house out into the rain. Luckily the rain deluge didn’t last longer than five minutes.

So I am hoping that Hilda and Helen were clever enough to seek refuge from todays rain in their run and wherever Hannah Hen is (hopefully sitting on eggs somewhere), that she is sheltered from the rain and the relentless wind.


4 thoughts on “Free range chickens and heavy rain

  1. I bet they will all be ok! We’ve had torrential rain here the last few days, along with a few lightening storms, and I worry about the chickens – but they always manage to make it back to the coop or they hole up in the barn somewhere. I’m sure yours are snuggled up somewhere dry as well – and maybe Hannah has decided to join them – keep us updated.

    What exactly is a wheelie bin? Is that like a trash can or a wheel barrow – or am I totally wrong on all counts?

  2. They’re clever aren’t they? – the critters… I always worry about my Yoshi when the weather is bad, but he always comes home warm and dry… I have no idea where he goes! 🙂 I hope Te Radar’s chook decides to live with yours one day… maybe she’ll bring some chicks???

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